Timely Report Provides a Tangible Form to Unforeseen and Otherwise Mysterious Pandemic Deficits

Published April 21, 2020 by Lee R

Timely Report Provides a Tangible Form to Unforeseen and Otherwise Mysterious Pandemic Deficits

The comparison of forecasts before and after COVID-19 struck shows that the blow may be starting to soften.

H2 Gambling Capital has accounted for the impact of COVID-19 on the global market in a series of timely charts, at 15.6% below projections before the industry was impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

What Was Expected

According to iGB's primary data partner, the figure is consistent with expectations pre-calculation:

“As much of the data release to date has been in line with our expectations and with most nations either still in lockdowns or starting to ease restrictions there has not been a further significant fall in our 2020 global expectations.”

Overall Impact

The key before and after figure is global gambling gross, which is expected to come in below $400b, compared to H2's pre-outbreak projection of $472.6bn.

The fall-off of projections for 2020 global gambling figures have leveled off for sequential weeks, after dropping steadily from the COVID-19 outbreak dated to the end of January, when the total stood at $473 billion, holding at 399.4 after 400 last week.

Global Percentages

Percentage-wise, H2's progressive downgrade reveals that the first downgrade at Feb 6 was a mild 1.3%, before steady week-to week drop-offs of 1 to 2 points brought the total to its current comparative figure for the week of March 26 at 15.6, just off the previous week's 15.5 for an even flow performance.

Oceanic Asia Impact

As far as the key Oceanic Asian region is concerned, H2 reveals the most recent measured leveling for the week of March 26th current to be 17.5% (off 17.4 last week 17.2 two weeks ago), after starting at 3.2 in the first week of February.

Europe Percentages

Further H2 data shows Europe's growth has leveled off at 13.5%; after the most precipitous week-to-week drop of the entire period of some 3% week-to-week the week before (starting 3/19).


Moving forward, the hope would be that these charts can move beyond leveling off and start going back down, because leveling off is only the first step. The full numerical correction of the rate of projection is needed, and a positive gain in the rate of projection later in the year would be a welcome best case scenario.

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