Today's SiVinceTutto Lottery Draw Features €2 Million

Published November 25, 2014 by Arthur M

Today's SiVinceTutto Lottery Draw Features €2 Million

There are now a number of online lottery ticket services that cover a multitude of draws worldwide, such as Italy's SiVinceTutto game.

There are lots of lotteries running around the globe, but most people only know about the ones available locally. Now games that are relatively unknown outside of their local markets, such as the Italian SiVinceTutto, can be played by anyone with internet access thanks to services like The Lotter and Lottery Master.

SiVinceTutto Lottery

This monthly draw features a €2,000,000 jackpot prize, and unlike many other games, there is no rollover. This means that the whole prize pot is paid out on the day of the draw, and if there is no jackpot winner, the prize is distributed to players matching fewer numbers,

To play the SiVinceTutto game, players need to pick six numbers from ninety, winning a prize for matching as few as two. The minimum play is for a six number combination, but it is possible to make 27,132 picks on the pay slip, with the odds of winning a prize for a single pick being 1 in 318.

The next draw takes place on Tuesday, November 25, giving people plenty of time to make their selections from online lottery buying services.

About Online Services

While it used to be the case that people could only enter their local games, in recent years it has become easy for anyone to enter any lottery. Services like The Lotter and Lottery Master work buy letting players order tickets online, filling in their choices of numbers, and then local agents will buy the tickets on behalf of the customer. If the ticket wins, funds will be transferred to a players chosen account.

There are over 45 available lotteries to choose from including the massive U.S. Powerball games, EuroMillions, and less well known games from as far afield as Brazil, Austria, South Africa and Australia.

Operations like The Lotter have been running for around 10 years and have paid out many millions in prizes to their players.

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