Tonight: $164 Million Jackpot at the Powerball Lottery

Published December 12, 2015 by Florin P

Tonight: $164 Million Jackpot at the Powerball Lottery

On Saturday, US Powerball lottery players compete for a massive $164 million jackpot.

The flagship American lottery, the Powerball, is about to make a new millionaire and this time the winner is competing for a massive jackpot of $164 million. This is the estimated value of the first prize, which grew at an accelerated pace since November 7 when the last player hit the winning combination.

A record number of people purchased tickets for the Wednesday draw, but none of them managed to win the first prize, so many more are expected to participate on Saturday. Lottery tickets are now available online thanks to agents such as Play Huge Lottos, Play USA Lotteries and TheLotter, which drives up the number of lottery tickets sold these days.

Everyone Benefits from Powerball Draws

The success of the Powerball can be partially explained by the high jackpots, but there is more than meets the eye about this famous American lottery. The proceeds from Powerball benefit will benefit education in American states, as the lottery has returned billions since its inception. Millions of students have benefited from the support, so it is only fair to say that the lottery is here to stay.

A Powerball tickets only costs two dollars per play, so anyone can afford to participate and the return on investment is fantastic. Winning the $164 million jackpot is the best case scenario, but even second-tier prizes can change one’s life for the better. The odds of winning any prize are about one in 25, while the chances to claim the jackpots are won in 292 million.

A Difficult Decision to Make

Now that the jackpot revolves around $164 million, the cash option has also surged to almost $100 million. The winner will have to make a difficult decision and choose between a larger amount paid over 29 years and 30 payments and claiming the jackpot at once. Many prefer the latter, even though choosing the cash option will result in the forfeit of a significant amount.

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Tonight: US Powerball Lottery Draws for $164 Million Tonight

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