Tonight: 17th Rollover Takes Powerball Jackpot To $348 million

Published May 4, 2016 by Arthur M

Tonight: 17th Rollover Takes Powerball Jackpot To $348 million

The US Powerball lottery jackpot is climbing again after no-one matched all the numbers on Saturday. When the next draw is held on Wednesday 4th May, someone could be around $348 million richer.

There's another huge jackpot attached to the US Powerball Lottery, having rolled over yet again, it now stands at an estimated $348 million. It's not quite at the $1.6 billion that was seen in January, but has now reached a level where people who would not normally play will start to take an interest.

If the jackpot is won by a single person on Wednesday night, they could choose to take a lump sum of around $226 million, or have an initial award and take the rest in annual payments over 30 years. By taking the annuity option players will eventually get the whole sum, but the instant payout is still far more popular.

For $1 a line, (or $2 with the optional Power Play that multiplies lesser prizes by up to five times), players need to match 5 main numbers out of a possible 69 and the Powerball number from 26. Matching the 5 main numbers will win $1 million, while just matching the Powerball number will still be worth $4 in prize money.

This can rise to a $20 payout if the Power Play is taken, but occasionally there are special draws where a 10x multiplier comes into effect for lower level prizes. Hitting the jackpot carries odds of 292 million to 1 and getting the Powerball has 38 to 1 odds.t

The last time the Powerball jackpot was claimed was back at the beginning of March, when a 67 year old Pennsylvania resident who was on vacation in Florida scooped a $291.4 million prize, and it's rolled over 17 times since then to this huge sum.

Online Lottery Tickets

The next draw takes place on Wednesday 4th May, at 23.00 Eastern time in Tallahassee Florida, although players need to have bought their tickets at least an hour before this time to qualify. Players can purchase tickets using online lottery tickets the likes of LottoExpress, The Lotter and LottoBooking. Those not in the US will also need to take into account the time difference, with the UK for example being 5 hours ahead of EST.

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