Tonight: $292 Million Jackpot In The US Powerball

Published March 2, 2016 by Arthur M

Tonight: $292 Million Jackpot In The US Powerball

On Wednesday 2nd March, the US Powerball lottery could make someone rich beyond their dreams, with a jackpot estimated to be $292,000,000.

The US Powerball lottery once again has the biggest prize pool in the world and when the next draw is held tonight, someone could scoop the jackpot which looks like being around $292 million.

Following on from the headline-grabbing $1.6 billion draw in January, the US Powerball has begun rolling over and over once more, with no jackpot winners on Saturday. That has boosted the value of the main prize from $265 million, while also boosting interest in the game in the USA and thanks to online ticket services, it has sparked increased sales around the globe.

The Lotter, Play Huge Lottos and Play USA Lotteries all offer a worldwide audience the chance to win without them having to travel to America and purchase physical tickets for the draw. With prizes sent directly to the players, and major wins that can be collected in person, anyone, anywhere can play with as much chance of scooping the jackpot as US residents.

How To Play The US Powerball

The jackpot is won by anyone who matches 5 main numbers out of a possible 69, plus one Powerball number from a possible 26. There are several levels of runner-up prizes, with a fixed $1 million payout for matching the 5 main numbers, while anyone who matched the Powerball takes home a reward.

Jackpot winners can choose an instant payout that will be minus taxes, or have a smaller down payment and the rest of it paid out over 30 years, with a 5% annual increase to counter inflation.

The tickets cost $2 and they need to be purchased at least an hour before the draw takes place at 10.59 EST (Eastern Standard Time). If the player is in a different time zone then they need to take that into account, as much of Europe for example, is 6 hours ahead of EST and the UK is 5 hours ahead.

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