Tonight: Powerball Jackpot Heading For A $227 Million Prize

Published April 20, 2016 by Arthur M

Tonight: Powerball Jackpot Heading For A $227 Million Prize

As there was no jackpot winner on Saturday, the US Powerball lottery now has a top prize estimated to be $227 million that could be won at the next draw on Wednesday 20th April.

The US Powerball lottery jackpot may not have quite reached the dizzy height of $1.6 billion like it did back in January, but at an estimated $227 million, it has still reached a level where more and more people are playing in the hope of a massive win. The next draw is on Wednesday 20th April, and thanks to sites like LottoExpress, LottoBooking and The Lotter, the game has been thrown open to players from all corners of the globe, not just the 44 participating US states.

How To Play The Powerball

Higher jackpots have become more common since the rules were changed in October 2015, with players now needing to pick 5 main numbers from a pool that increased from 59 to 69, while the single Powerball still needs to be picked from 11 possible ones. This leads to more players winning smaller prizes, but has made the jackpot harder to match and in January 2016 it rolled over 20 times to that new record.

Draws take place in Tallahassee Florida at 10.59 local time, with players needing to purchase their tickets 1 hour before, so anyone outside of this time zone needs to take this into account.

Play costs $2, or if the Powerplay option is chosen, where lower-level prizes can be multiplied several times over, then it's $3 a go. With Powerplay, wins of $50,000 or less can be multiplied by five times, or if the jackpot has not yet reached $150 million, then a ten times multiplier will be in place. It also has the effect of doubling the guaranteed $1 million prize for matching the 5 main numbers.

Like all US lotteries, winnings are subject to taxes, although there is the option to take the jackpot in 30 annual instalments, with each one slightly more than the last to combat inflation.

If tickets are bought through online services, winnings are sent directly to the players' bank account, or they could choose to pick major prizes up in person.

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