Too Murky? Vision of Germany's Latest Regulation Model Suddenly in Turmoil

Published April 27, 2020 by Lee R

Too Murky? Vision of Germany's Latest Regulation Model Suddenly in Turmoil

The regulation model for Germany has hit a snag because of a stakeholder's objection.

Reports have come out that Germany's sports betting ratification has hit a snag.

The Plaintiff

The reason for the latest objection came from a ruling by the Administrative Court of Darmstadt upholding a complaint lodged by Austrian sports betting operator Vierklee.

The Issue

The complaint was based on the argument nation's newly introduced Third State Treaty on Gambling was tainted by a myriad of issues, starting with lack of transparency.

Forcing the Hand

Vierklee claimed that despite its own interest in applying for a German sports betting license, the Tirol-based bookmaker took issue with what it found to an unclear process appearing to favor companies previously active in the local digital wagering space.

Vierklee identified the operators as those participating in last summer's special information event organized by the Regional Council of Darmstadt providing them with more information about the licensing process, placing those who had not attended at a disadvantage.

Delaying the Treaty

The formal objection flies in the face of the Third State Treaty on Gambling, which took effect on January 1 and will remain effective until July 1, 2021.

Lack of Licensing Transparency?

Vierklee further quibbled with lack of clarity in the criteria for license applicants to secure wagering licenses, a claim that the Darmstadt Administrative Court agreed with and upheld.

More Problems Surface

The Administrative Court further cited the lack of uniform date for all licensed sportsbetting operators to go live in the regulated German market as discriminatory and granting unfair advantage to incumbents, before questioning the Constitutionality of the Glücksspielkollegium, the gambling regulatory body formed to oversee the Treaty.


With the Regional Council of Darmstadt still holding the option to appeal for two weeks, there is still a chance Germany’s current sports betting regulatory regime will turn over in mid-2021 according to the new plan, as the only chance for online casino and poker services are to happen in Germany under the Third State Treaty model.

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