TVBET Backs Ukraine With Bet on Good Foundation

Published October 11, 2022 by Brett C

TVBET Backs Ukraine With Bet on Good Foundation

TVBET Founder Peter Korpusenko is going all-in for Ukraine with the launch of a charitable fund known as Bet on Good Foundation. This ambitious initiative is designed to help Ukraine in its time of need.

TVBET is taking responsible gaming to the next level by launching a charity fund called Bet on Good Foundation. This bold undertaking has the full backing of the company founder, Peter Korpusenko. The overarching objective of the fund is to unite the influential players in the iGaming industry in support of Ukraine. Given all the challenges this East European nation has been facing in 2022, TVBET spearheads an initiative to help the beleaguered nation amidst its daily threats. This particular charity is exclusively dedicated to helping Ukraine.

Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine in February 2022, which continues unabated. During the war, TVBET Teamsters have backed the blue and yellow a.k.a. Ukrainians, in their hour of need. For example, TVBET employees have participated in activism rallies, with leadership providing helmets and body armour to members of the Ukrainian military. Moreover, the world witnessed massive and unprecedented generosity as iGaming companies donated funds to causes across the board.

The chief executive officer of TVBET, Mr Korpusenko, actively sought ways and means of maximising assistance to Ukraine. Collaborating with the team, they launched the eponymous Bet on Good Foundation. This charity fund synergistically combines the efforts of multiple iGaming companies worldwide and focuses on the most pressing concerns of the day, a.k.a. the situation in Ukraine. The charity focuses on helping Ukrainian citizens, rebuilding civilian infrastructure, and stabilising a war-torn nation.

The CEO of TVBET commented,

You know, about 50% of our colleagues are Ukrainians. We are all very concerned about the lives of our employees, the lives of all Ukrainians, and the fate of this beautiful country. In fact, by the eighth month of the war, we had someone fighting, either a brother, a friend or a classmate. Therefore, it is impossible to stand aside; the war has affected our hearts and souls, and all our attention is fixed on it. Consequently, it is necessary to scale up our efforts for maximum assistance to Ukraine to bring its victory closer as soon as possible. That is why we are launching the Bet on Good Foundation, and we intend to draw as much attention as possible to the issue of Ukraine. The war must end! And Ukraine must win!

The all-encompassing fund accepts donors and participants from across the globe. Anyone anywhere can donate to this charitable fund. First, each participating company can put forth a representative to the charity fund board. Then The fund can decide on the allocation and disbursement of budgets. Donations can be geared towards supporting the military, assisting migrants, supporting civilian infrastructure, or providing help to families. Official channels for donating to the Bet on Good Foundation include the foundation's official website.

The CEO of TVBET, Peter Korpusenko added,

Not so long ago, we presented our fund at one of the key SBC events and were amazed at how warmly and passionately our idea was supported by industry representatives. It is vital and valuable for us that so many people want to help Ukraine. That is why I suggest everyone who wants to join our foundation and take an active part in making decisions regarding the future activities of the foundation, make joint campaigns in the media and draw more attention to the pressing problems of our time. If you want to join, you can contact me personally or leave a request on our official website.

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