Two Key Panelists Demonstrate the Value of Insights to be Gained at Betting on Football 2019

Lee R. - January 27, 2019

If one interview can provide such vital perspective, imagine how effective the Betting on Football 2019 panels and conference will be!

Betting on Football 2019 is a conference with true global importance for its industry.

The Conference

Taking place from March 19-22, the conference will assemble key decision makers from international operators to address issues and opportunities in the sports betting industry, with Stamford Bridge providing the setting for 200 expert speakers across 40 sessions.

The Interviewees

Adapting to 2018 Restrictions

After a disruptive 2018 rif with high-profile government restrictions, Jesper discussed the priority of increasing public trust through demonstrating an industry priority of caring about players enough to not only engage them but support those who play too much.

Anthony Werkman added that Betway doesn't “feel that these restrictions are unreasonable,” calling his organisation's responsibility part of a greater industry-wide responsibility to “implement truly responsible strategies that cover both player protection and keeping crime out of the industry.”

Anthony doesn't see the 2018 restrictions as restrictions per se, but as “policies that force implementation of a strategy that all operators should be implementing on their own.”

Transforming Perceptions

As far as press coverage, Anthony says media perceptions can be changed through all operator organisations acting “responsibly together” to “ensure the proper checks and balances are in place.”

Anthony points to the agreed upon whistle to whistle ban on advertising as an example of operator organisations working together to resolve a “clear problem” and come out with “a positive outlook for our sector.”

Building From Within

Jesper cites Mr. Green's chosen organisational priority of Green Gaming as an effective foundation on which to build all further business decisions for sustainability that shows the public more positive than negative. Fully Owning Mistakes Jesper also cites the need to learn from mistakes, and be open to acknowledging and accepting them to transform public perceptions. 

Outlook for 2019

For the industry in 2019, Jesper looks forward to increased personalization driving compliance:

“The better we know each customer the easier it is to be compliant.”

Anthony looks forward to “responsibility built into game design” in products.

For More Knowledge..

Look to Betting on Football to provide more insight into how this specifically can take place.

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