UIGEA Says Place Your Bets But...

Published February 4, 2009 by OCR Editor

UIGEA Says Place Your Bets But...

Following the Florida lawsuit of a cool $1.6 million stolen to fund online horseracing betting addiction, the UIGEA bill gets a scathing wake up call.

It seems that the United States government is mighty quick to point out how unregulated internet gambling is harmful and highly addictive, which is the main motivating factor which brought forth the UIGEA bill that was put into action in 2006.

However, like all laws and acts of government, there are exceptions to the rules originally stated. Such as keeping state lottery systems and horse racing legal - both of which are gambling activities, but here's the rub; they make the state government money which in turn makes the US government money. Now why would the government ban that?

Keeping this in mind, a Pinella County man from Florida named David Sarnowski was recently arrested for stealing $1.6 million spread over four years from the law firm he worked at to fund his horse racing bets online, to which he was ahem...addicted to!

So what does this prove exactly?
Perhaps that whilst the government is busy pushing so hard for regulations that their rules make legal, they should take a look at themselves and ideologies since obviously people are just as at risk from addictions to lotto and horseracing as poker and slots.

This writer thinks that some people in both sides of the camp, pro-UIGEA or not, will surly grab onto this lawsuit and say "I told you so!"

Hmm....thought provoking indeed.

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