UK Gambling Commission Reveals Key Industry Trends from 2015

Published February 29, 2016 by Mike P

UK Gambling Commission Reveals Key Industry Trends from 2015

Key findings from the Gambling Commission have revealed that the National Lottery is the UK’s favourite game. Learn about this finding and many more now.

The UK Gambling Commission has decided to provide greater clarity in relation to the key trends in the online gambling industry in 2015. In making this happen, the Gambling Commission has released a lengthy report to share a wealth of statistics and analysis. Fortunately, though, the Gambling Commission has also provided headline statistics in the form of digestible infographics that are easier for non-specialists to understand.

National Lottery Participation Falls

Overall, the most noticeable trend was that gambling participation was 45% in 2015 after declining from 57% of the UK population in 2012. In explaining the drop, the Gambling Commission revealed that the National Lottery’s participation rate declined from 46% to 32% during the same period. Therefore, falling interest in the UK lottery can explain the overall drop.

And despite the fall in lottery interest, the Gambling Commission also stated that the National Lottery is still the most popular form of gambling in the UK. Looking beyond the National Lottery, it was also revealed that other lotteries and the various scratch cards are the next most popular forms of gambling in the UK.

25-34s the Most Tech-Savvy

The Gambling Commission also provided findings that showed that people aged 25-34 were the most tech-savvy customers. Basically, this age group showed more interest than any other when it came to using innovative features. This could include the use of common mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, while in-play betting was popular among sports fans.

In fact, all customers aged under 45 were more likely to use their smartphone or tablet for placing bets. This was a stark contrast for customers aged 45 or over, as this group preferred to use their PCs or laptops. For UK operators, it there could be a greater focus on creating marketing campaigns that encourage more people aged 45 and over to make the switch over to their mobile devices.

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