UK Gambling Commission Wants to Better Understand Consumers

Published October 9, 2016 by Mike P

UK Gambling Commission Wants to Better Understand Consumers

UK gamblers will now have a stronger voice in the industry, as outlined in a new communication plan from the Gambling Commission.

In a groundbreaking step, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has unveiled its October 2016 plan to establish “a two-way conversation” between the regulator and gambling customers based domestically in Great Britain. Ultimately, the UKGC wants to ensure gambling operators put customers at the heart of their service and is attempting to lead by example through this special initiative.

A Two-way Conversation

Within the published plan, the UKGC outlined its basic process of getting information from consumers with a view to better understanding their needs in the industry. After taking the consumer viewpoints into consideration, the UKGC believes it will then be in a stronger position to give consumers information that enables them solve problems and avoid potentially harmful instances, such as fraud.

When releasing the plan, UKGC chief executive Sarah Harrison accompanies it with a video to encourage participation from customers. Overall, Harrison was able to break the approach down into the goals of improving transparency and clarity, as well as becoming more responsive and collaborating in partnerships.

UK gambling consumers are now invited to get in touch, with the regulator aiming to start by performing a consumer interest assessment. The UKGC will then wanting to make information more accessible for consumers.

The regulator also wants to become more responsive and is evaluating ways of improving the efficiency of its customer contact centre. Another key step will be the UKGC’s intention to form new partnerships throughout the country, with local authorities being of particular interest, not to mention consumer organisations.

Welcomed by UK Consumer Organisations

One of those partnerships will be with the Citizens Advice Bureau, which, as a daily source of general support for UK consumers, can play an integral role in sharing insights. Katie Fry works as a gambling support project manager with the organisation and has expressed her appreciation that the UKGC is expanding its operational scope on the consumer side.

The step has been welcome by GamCare chief executive Dirk Hansen, who is tasked with overseeing the wellbeing of UK gamblers and his organisation. Hansen was pleased to learn that the UKGC will be making an even greater effort to understand how gambling affects consumers, with Hansen interested in gaining perspective from those harmed by the activity.

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