UK Lottery Protection Review Could Set a New Standard

Published July 18, 2019 by Lee R

UK Lottery Protection Review Could Set a New Standard

The UK is opening a key iGaming issue to the public: the need to fully protect society while benefiting.

The UK government is reviewing lottery age rules, another sign that the UK is serious about increasing protections that could help more iGaming verticals as well.

The Review

Sports and Civil Society Secretary Mims Davis has confirmed that the UK government is seeking
consultation for proposal review to increase the minimum age-of-play on National Lottery scratchcards and instant win games from 16 to 18.

The Outcome Options

The three options for policy outcomes of the review include doing nothing and leaving the minimum age as-is; raising the minimum age to 18 for National Lottery instant win games such as scratchcards and online instant win games; or raising the minimum age to 18 for all National Lottery games.

Initiative Goal

The goal of the initiative is to “ensure that young people are rightly protected from the potential risks of gambling-related harm, although these remain very low on all National Lottery games.”

The UK ministry has made it clear in no uncertain terms that the National Lottery will be required to make some gambling responsibility adjustments, according to a greater government policy of striving for the highest standards across all gambling verticals.

The Value of Lottery

Davies further explained the greater social value of lotteries to the state:

“The National Lottery raises vast sums for good causes, and society lotteries play a vital role in supporting local charities and grassroots organisations. These measures will ensure we create the best landscape so people across our communities can continue to benefit. But we also need to make sure that the National Lottery is fair and safe.”

Opening the Challenge to the Public

The need to remove the imperfection of gambling vulnerability across the board in the marketing and use of the lottery clearly requires a collective and cooperative process: the UK has opened feedback for effective protection to the public.

According to Davies, “We are open to all feedback on changes to this and all of the various lottery products.”

Preparing for the Tender
The Consultation will enable the government to review comprehensive feedback on minimum age requirements from as wide a range of sources as possible ahead of the 4th National Lottery Licence which will consider the renewal of the operating contract of National Lottery provider Camelot Group, who has serviced the National Lottery since 1994.


Increased protections for a low risk context would represent the most proactive measure yet in determining more effective ways of protecting UK youth from problem gambling across the board: if the measures work in lottery protection, they can certainly be effective when adopted across games of chance and iGaming platforms with higher vulnerability rates.

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