UK Prime Minister Theresa May Calls for Snap General Election in June

Published April 18, 2017 by Ivan P

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Calls for Snap General Election in June

UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls for snap general election in June, emphasizing the UK must enter negotiations with EU leaders as a strong, united force.

In a surprising statement coming from 10 Downing Street, Theresa May, current UK Prime Minister, called for early general elections in the country in June. The announcement by Mrs. May is especially surprising in the light of her earlier public appearances, where she was openly opposed to the idea of an early vote.

The Brexit Gap

In her statement, Prime Minister May explained that her stance has changed because there is a deep division among Westminster MPs over the Brexit situation and what UK's relationship with Europe should look like moving forward.

Mrs. May emphasizes that the country can make a success out of Brexit only if everyone stands united, and this is currently not the case. Scotland is calling for another independence referendum, and the House of Lords and Labour don't see eye to eye with Conservatives.

Setting Up Strong Position for Negotiations

Theresa May took on her role as Prime Minister after David Cameron had stepped down from this position, following the unfavorable Brexit outcome. Right now, May's Conservative Party has a comfortable lead in the public pools, and 44% of people claim they would extend their support at the snap election that should take place on June 8.

On Wednesday, the Parliament will vote on whether or not there this election will take place. Prime Minister May that the country has this one chance to tighten their ranks and come out as a unified force that would have a strong negotiating position for the upcoming talks with European Union leaders.

At this point, it is hard to say what, if any, effect the snap election would have on the online gambling industry. In late 2014, the UK introduced a new set of regulations, and since then, the industry has been on the rise. Hence, it is possible that the gaming world, for once, won't be affected by the political turmoil.

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