UK Women Play it Right!

Published August 5, 2002 by OCR Editor

UK Women Play it Right!

A new study was performed by Teletext Racing establishing that almost half of the UK's women populace indulge and take pleasure in betting from horse track racing to Reality Television.

The editor of Teletext Racing said, "Our research suggests a clear shift in female betting habits. Its not as intimidating as it once was#166;. Women are taking a scientific approach to betting - female take-up of our web and SMS update services is high as women aim to arm themselves with the form." The study revealed that 47% of women who took part in the survey found betting to there liking, weighing against the 53% of men who also enjoyed their time spent on betting.

From one end of the spectrum to the other,Women have a more refined manner when it comes to betting. While the online gaming Industry sky rockets, woman have been going online and first researching horse racing structures before making any bets. On the other hand, most woman seem to place most of their bets on Reality Television shows, such as "Big Brother" and the Grand National , as opposed to men who take to a more sport betting arena such as Football.

In any case, women have not as of yet been coined with the "high rollers" term since 91% of female bets average around $7, which is considerably different than male bets.

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