UKGC Charges FutGalaxy Owners For Unlawful E-sports Gambling

Published September 23, 2016 by Vincent O

UKGC Charges FutGalaxy Owners For Unlawful E-sports Gambling

UKGC has been trying to stop unlawful e-sports gambling for some time now, and in the most recent development they have charged the people behind the popular FutGalaxy with unlawful gambling charges.

As the world of online video gaming is evolving and real money is being used more and more for purchasing in-game items, skins and currencies, various individuals and organizations have already started finding ways to use these markets and turn them to their own advantage.

Some years ago it was popular Blizzard’s game World of Warcraft that caused some scandals as in-game currency and items black market had grown massive, despite the game makers forbidding the sale of such items. A while ago, sites emerged where punters could bet CS:GO skins on the outcomes of real world sporting events, betting markets have emerged where betting with FIFA and Madden Coins on sporting events was made possible.

FIFA Ultimate Team Betting

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a game mode in the popular FIFA games that allows players to build teams, purchasing players through the acquisition of various in-game milestones, but also through real money purchases of the in-game coins. This gives the in-game coins real money value, which makes them perfect for unregulated gambling.

The acquisition of player packs in particular is an interesting part of the game, as a player can purchase player packs that will include undisclosed players, whose value may be higher or lower than that of the pack purchasing price, making it a bit of a gamble in itself.

Sites such as FutGalaxy created platforms for FIFA players to bet FIFA Coins on the outcomes of real world football matches as well as FIFA matches streamed on Twitch by the site’s presenters.

UK Gambling Commission Charges Owners

United Kingdom is a very well regulated market when it comes to gambling and betting of any sorts, with the country’s governing body, the UKGC in charge of licensing and sanctioning any gambling facilities who operate within the country.

Earlier this year, UKGC took a firm position when it comes to esports betting, publishing that any sort of wagering done with virtual currency had to be regulated by the body and that any site who wishes to facilitate such gambling had to request a license from UKGC.

Considering FutGalaxy did not request such a license, UKGC have now take action against the site’s owner Dylan Rigby and YouTube presenter Craig Douglas, with charges of violating the Gambling Act of 2005 by providing unlawful gambling facilities, advertising unlawful gambling and soliciting minors to gamble.

Stay tuned for further developments in UKGC’s fight against unlawful esports betting.

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