UKGC Embraces Consultation with Evidence-Based Advisory Group for New Review

Published February 12, 2021 by Lee R

UKGC Embraces Consultation with Evidence-Based Advisory Group for New Review

Gambling protection in the UK is sure to be enhanced by the UKGC's new Advisory Council.

A key source of evidence-based feedback has been added to the UK's far-reaching inquiry into revamping gaming regulations.

New Evidence-based Panel

The UK Gambling Commission has appointed a Lived Experience Advisory Panel to provide collaborative feedback on making gambling safer in the UK.


The panel is comprised of a diverse collection of individuals who have suffered through various gambling harms, including non-gamblers affected by someone else’s gambling.


The group will advise the Gambling Commission on an array of policy development initiatives on relevant issues to inform changes to the Gambling Act.

Current Meetings

The first consultation of the new evidence-based feedback group has already taken place, replacing last year's interim Experts by Experience Group.

Integrated Feedback

This year's evidence-based Lived Experience Advisory Panel will complement the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling and the Digital Advisory Panel as the official advice groups to inform the Gambling Commission's ongoing review.


Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur praised the contribution of the interim group to this point as ideal preparation for the acceptance of “the views and perspectives of (new advisory group) Lived Experience” while confirming that the panel's evidence-based feedback is already “positively impacting UKGC decision-making and work “in addressing gambling related harm.”

Panel Representative Comments

A spokesperson for the Lived Experience Advisory Panel praised the UKGC:

“We are pleased that the Gambling Commission has recognised the importance of listening to people who have been harmed by gambling and welcome their real commitment.”

New Review Updates

At the official UKGC website, the UKGC has just published an additional update on the status of the development of its harm reduction strategy, which take into account the full range of systems, infrastructure and programs through which the adapted laws are to be implemented.

At the UKGC site a full range of additional information on each new initiative is available as well, including lists of stakeholders and partners.


The addition of feedback from people who have personally experienced the harms the UK is seeking to eliminate appears an appropriate step in effectively updating the regulation model from the UK review process.

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