UKGC Leader MacArthur Gets Specific on Details of New Protections

Published April 10, 2020 by Lee R

UKGC Leader MacArthur Gets Specific on Details of New Protections

Corona necessitates more preventative protection and enforcement in jurisdictions such as the UK.

With corona measures deepening, the propensity for both increased play and abusive behavior also increase proportionally.

UK Tightens Protections

As this has ceased to be a secret and moved into the domain of common knowledge at the speed of what seems like a flash of lightning, the UK and other jurisdictions are taking proactive steps to stem the tide.

The UK has taken a proactive stance in heightening these protections in the time of Corona, as spearheaded by Gambling Commission CEO Neil MacArthur.

The General's View

MacArthur sees a direct relationship between the potential risk of online gambling harm and the shut-ins, which makes perfect sense to anyone feeling slightly confined and at all despondent in the current state of Corona.

Play is Increasing

Reports at the same time back up spikes in online slot play, poker activity, casino gaming and virtual sports betting. Leading the UK Commission CEO to call consumer protection “paramount,” with improvements necessary in areas of responsible marketing and licence guideline compliance.

To Heighten Vigilance

Of the heightened conditions for vigilance, MacArthur had this message for his licenced operators:

"...the risks of harm arising from online gambling have increased as a result of recent events, We expect you to know your customers and step in if they are showing signs they are experiencing or at risk of harm...gambling operators must play their part in making sure people are kept safe."

UKGC Strategy

MacArthur further confirmed that the UKGC is drawing up an initial assessment of how its own work will be impacted by COVID-19. The new guidelines have three core ethical priorities identified by MacArthur: consumer protection; responsible marketing; and compliance with license conditions and codes of practice.

MacArthur further installed a direct UKGC Confidential Intelligence Hotline for players to call in if they feel they are being targeted for exploitation by operators.


In the Corona era, preventative guidelines take on a whole new level of meaning. 

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