Ukrainian Gaming Congress Just Around the Corner

Published September 26, 2015 by Vlad G

Ukrainian Gaming Congress Just Around the Corner

Some of the key speakers for the 2015 Ukrainian Gaming Congress taking place this week include Aleksey Evchenko and Yuriy Kozhema; experts in tourism and legislation.

The Ukrainian Gaming Congress is a highly anticipated event which is scheduled to take place on September 29 in Kiev with the purpose of bringing together experts and representatives of the gambling industry. As Ukraine is ready to legalize gambling across the country, the conference will look to cover all the important aspects of this change and how the market can grow in the current landscape.

Key experts attending the event

With a large panel of experts set to talk at the Ukrainian Gaming Congress, it is a guarantee that various aspects will be covered. One of the biggest names on the panel is Aleksey Evchenko and he will talk about the legalization of the gaming industry in Ukraine and how this is likely to increase tourism in the country. As the adviser of tourism, the expert believes that there will be around 100 casinos once all the regulations are settled and this will attract players from neighboring countries and from around the world.

There are still some points which need to be established in the regulations and the taxation scheme will be very important for attracting big operators. This and more will be covered by Evchenko in the speech.

Yuriy Kozhema will also attend the Ukrainian Gaming Congress as a new speaker. The Chairman of the Union of Gaming Enterprises in Kiev will focus more on some of the problematic issues which come with the new legislative regulation for casinos and how standards must align with laws in Europe and USA.

Gambling legalization after years of prohibition

Ukraine has banned gambling within the country in 2009 and is now looking to legalize and regulate the industry once again, with the hopes of creating more than 30,000 workplaces and adding an additional revenue stream from taxes and fees. Players will benefit from a more secure network of options and access to the big brands which were available before the prohibition started.

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