Ukrainian Gaming Week Delayed Again—For the Best

Published November 4, 2020 by Lee R

Ukrainian Gaming Week Delayed Again—For the Best

The delay gives Smile-Expo more time to prepare, adapt and make Ukraine's major conference shine.


Ukrainian Gaming Week attendees and stakeholders will have to wait again—for the best.

The New Date

The postponement of the massive trade show to February 24-25, 2021 at Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre is a necessary measure taken by the Cabinet Ministers of the Ukraine to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Regional Measures

With adaptive quarantine and mass event limits in place in the Ukraine until December 31, 2020, the postponement is consistent interventions in nearby neighbouring countries including Poland, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania.

Smile Supports Safety

As committed to a safe and effective experience, event promoter Smile-Expo welcomed the changes to ensure event safety for all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and media partners.

Collective Effort

The priority of minimising exposure to risk has at this point caught on with stakeholders, private organisations, and public government bodies alike, so this move was not a surprise, nor particularly problematic to adapt once again in accordance with the requirements of the times.

Necessary Adaptation

Thus the necessary conditions for the quality networking environments that Smile-Expo provides are not consistent with the demands of the times, and the move to February is established as the most effective adaptation.

Postponement Benefits

The new date will enable UGW as a conference to effectively unite as diverse a range of global representatives as possible, and the time frame allows for all delegates to reach the conference in person—delegates who up to this point are subject to heightened quarantine measures necessitating postponement to host them all.

Event organisers further assert that the delay will lead to more enhancements, supporting a more rigorous program with seamless access for all attendees no matter where they are coming from.

UGW Significance

As the largest post-legalization gambling event in the Ukraine, Ukrainian Gaming Week will feature a full two-day exhibition of gambling products and services--featuring lawmakers, Ukrainian and foreign experts, open lecture session, UGW Awards, and a party.


With program and registration available at the conference website, these delays should indicate the greater enhanced benefits on tap for the new date to benefit all attendees and the iGaming industry as a whole.



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