Understanding Dutch Online Gaming

Published July 20, 2015 by Lee R

Understanding Dutch Online Gaming

Safety is the priority for Dutch players as well as operators.

The Gaming Authority of the Netherlands has released a study revealing the preferences of Dutch players and punters.

Adaptations Illuminated

The interesting results indicate adaptations needed not only for the Dutch market, but provide insight into how players think in today's market.

Dutch punters are more compliant, showing a higher level of comfort if there is a clearly visible Dutch license on the operator's website as opposed to no visible license (+17.4%). This shows that the Cutch tend to trust their own operators, and do care about the legality of the sites they are playing with, an important reflection on potential global preferences as well. Dutch players also prefer a specifically Dutch license as opposed to a license from another EU country, at a rate of +4.7%.

Dutch players also prefer Dutch language websites over English-language websites, at a rate of +5.1%, a clear reminder that players online may trust websites that originate in their home language.

Don't Tax the Customer

Dutch players also prefer when the operator pays the taxes as opposed to leaving this to the charges of the players themselves, at a rate of +5%. This seems rather low, because it seems that most people hate when they see an additional tax added to their player fees; it is a clear disruption of the experience, so look for this statistics to rise as the survey spreads to other countries. At any rate, it seems best that operators absorb the cost of taxes instead of adding any visible or unforeseen changes to the player experience.

Safety First

In a close question, it turns out that players prefer warnings over no warnings, at a rate of 4.3%, showing that all players prefer a sense of ethics and fair play, and are not so scared of stigmatization. This seems obvious when considering how the most graphic smoking warnings have not deterred cigarette activity much as well. The greater point is that players seem smart enough to know that warnings are no ta deterrent, as much as a means of providing resources for problem gamblers. Suffice to say, the Dutch players recognize that priority. Dutch players, like eveyrone else, want to play safely, and want others to be safe as well.

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