Understanding Online Casino Payouts

Published January 15, 2007 by OCR Editor

Understanding Online Casino Payouts

The first thing to do is find an online casino you like and which offers the good and fairest gaming experience. From here on it matters less what exact game you play, as long as you surf the Web for the rules, additional tips, strategies and helpful info

Online casinos operate in certain specific ways, all clearly understood if only researched and learned. Such factor to understand, which is unique to online casino games, is the casino payouts.

If the game was, say, for the purpose of introducing the issue, a simple throw of the dice. One die, as a matter of fact. Assume you bet a dollar on the outcome, saying it will fall on the 3 side. The chances of this happening, on your computer desk or at the random number generator operated online casino, is one of six. Simple so far, isn't it? The reasoning will be that you will be paid six times your bet, a total of six dollars in this case, as simple math would dictate. Only this is where the payout calculation comes into place.

Online casino does not pay its winners according to the exact mathematic calculations, based on the odds. In the short run you may win tremendous sums that will be much higher than the odds of the game, making you a classic, fortunate casino winner. But in the long run, the casino assures its profitability by paying slightly under the mathematical calculation, keeping some of the money to itself. In the example case above, that would mean paying the winner who guessed the correct outcome only on a five to one ratio.

Now that you know what the payout percentage means, you should go around the various casino sites and compare their information. Indeed, most casinos post their monthly payout percentage reports for gamblers to see and compare. Only those reports verified by a third party should be taken into account, and among them the best should be seriously considered. If you're into online gambling for the long run, then these are certainly numbers you will remember.

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