Understanding the Model of iGaming in Europe Provides Guidelines for North America

Published July 26, 2021 by Lee R

Understanding the Model of iGaming in Europe Provides Guidelines for North America

Overall tolerance of land-based casinos positions Canada to emulate Europe faster than the US when it comes to North American iGaming.

We know Europe is the capital of iGaming, but why are the US and Canada lagging and who has the best chance to join the iGaming revolution that Europe has spawned?

The Freedom of Europe

No other region enjoys as many gambling freedoms as Europeans, where all the largest by far iGaming companies come from or operate.

North America Lags

In another potentially lucrative region, many more restrictions exist: in North America, limited access to casinos delays the region and its citizens from capitalising on the benefits that their European counterparts have enjoyed since the beginning of the millennium.

Triumphing Over Addiction

The opponents of iGaming in the Northern American region cannot play the addiction card, when Europe has avoided a Wild West scenario where players would otherwise be taken advantage of because of the use of the rigorous restrictions and guidelines which govern “free play” across the Pond.

Compliant Licensees

Licenses are granted to compliant operators whose built-in self exclusion systems support safer environments where operators uniformly co-operate to identify and prevent criminal elements from using gambling to launder money. Technology for self-exclusion and money laundering checks supporting the regulation of specific jurisdictions in Europe are increasingly adaptable and as efficient as possible, with producers and tech providers concentrated in Europe markets.

Money Laundering and Self-exclusion Tech

Tech providers are concentrating their operations and offerings on European markets, while operators can pass along the proliferation of offerings to their players across European jurisdictions.

More Options for EU Players

Individual players in Europe benefit from enhanced promotions and special offers. North American and Canadian gamblers have access to promotions and bonuses, but in less regulated environments the competition is minimized and the amount of bonuses and benefits is also proportionally minimised.

Canada's Greater Tolerance

Canada has more land-based venues than the states, but there is no free market, with jurisdictions in Canada controlled legislatively by local provincial state governments.

Attracting More Commerce

More iGaming enterprises in the North American region could lead to more game studios, tech providers, and operators seeking licenses in the region.


Canada appears in better position than the US to open the online market to private companies and take an active role in regulating them and emulating the successful examples of their European counterparts.

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