Understanding the New Trend of PWA Casinos

Published November 30, 2019 by Ivan P

Understanding the New Trend of PWA Casinos

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are mobile solutions of the future providing online casinos with technology they need to offer an improved, super-fast, and platform-independent gaming experience.

Online casinos looking to stay competitive in this day and age need to provide players with quality mobile solutions as more and more players are starting to enjoy their gambling fun on the go. Although a majority of operators do provide mobile sites and / or standalone apps, these often lack in certain aspects such as usability, loading times, responsiveness, etc. Thanks to Progressive Web App (PWA) technology all of this could change as this new approach provides operators with all the tools they need to tackle and successfully resolve these common problems. Here we answer a few frequently asked questions about PWA Casinos.

What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App and describes the latest technology used to build apps for Android and iOS. The concept was initially created by Apple to serve as an alternative to their AppStore but it has since been adopted by Google and PWAs actually perform better on Android systems. Moving forward, things will likely improve for iOS users as well but for the time being PWAs do show better results across the Android platform.

Why should I care about PWA?

If you enjoy playing casino games on the go, you've probably had to deal with frustration of slow loading times and casino sites not performing equally well across various mobile devices. PWA solves all of these issues in one clean swoop, providing high-quality user experience across all various systems and screen sizes. These are standalone and installable apps that aren't just very user friendly but are also super-light and blazing fast even when playing on a slower connection like 3G.

How does PWA work?

Progressive Web Apps combine the best of the two worlds, i.e. native apps and web mobile solutions, producing a result that is better than either of these categories on its own. Using modern web technologies, PWAs take advantage of the mobile-ready site and use it as the foundation for the app. Thus, users are given an app that's very small in size, fast, and completely responsive. This new technology enhances what's already there with a number of new features, creating a significantly improved end-user experience that's not in any way restricted by the type of system they choose to use.

How do I use a PWA Casino?

Using a PWA casino is really simple. You don't have to go through a traditional app installation process where you download the app from the AppStore or Google Play but you can get it straight from the casino site instead. Due to the fact PWAs are very light and small in size, download and installation shouldn't take more than a few seconds and you'll be all set to start playing on the go.

Where can I find PWA casinos?

This is fairly new technology so the gambling world is still adapting to it. However, there are already some operators that have incorporated Progressive Web Apps such as Casinomia Casino, Loki Casino and GunsBet Casino. These operators offer a lot in terms of gaming options, bonuses, and other important features, and their PWAs make the whole gaming experience that much better, especially if you spend a lot of time playing on your phone or tablet.

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