US Asks: To Gamble or Not To Gamble?

Published July 22, 2008 by OCR Editor

US Asks: To Gamble or Not To Gamble?

Every single online gambler in the US remembers that infamous UIGEA day and many started that day and still are working to have it reversed.

Moves to reverse UIGEA are ongoing by various sectors if American society and government. Now the mainstream media is calling for a return of online gambling but with the addition of government regulation.

If we are talking about wagering, there's probably a great deal of money changing hands on the outcome of this one...

Readers of major US newspaper think it's time to legalize online gambling. The newspaper posed the question: Is it time to legalize online gambling? Early responses indicated that 97 percent of those participating thought it was.

Representative McDermott (D-Wash) suggests that the hard economic times the United States is experiencing could sway opinion on the legalization and regulation of online gambling in the United States. "I don't think there could be a better time," he says.

Golfing ace Lee Trevino recently commented on ESPN: "We are gambling billions of dollars in this country, and the Internal Revenue Service doesn't get a dime. Instead, they spend millions of dollars trying to catch the online gamblers."

The newspaper USA Today claims that the online gaming industry generally supports the concept of regulated gambling which it feels would attract more customers.

McDermott agrees: He hints that gambling lies in some gray area between legal and illegal, finding similarities in the current US betting environment with the "criminal structure" that accompanied the abortive alcohol Prohibition laws in the 'Twenties. He says attitudes toward gambling are outdated.

"We have online gambling on horses, and if the government can take revenue from horse racing we certainly can take revenue from online gambling," says McDermott.

McDermott's proposal would mean redesigning the Social Security Act and establishing a trust fund with proceeds from the taxation of Internet gambling to provide opportunities to individuals who are in foster care and individuals in declining sectors of the economy.

Who is going decide who gives and who gets?

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