US Continues Bark on the Industry

Published October 8, 2006 by OCR Editor

US Continues Bark on the Industry

No one could avoid the bombarding media coverage from the US front. But the industry does not remain idle in response. While some people in the US government see the recent developments as a success, it is pretty safe to say that the online casino indust

The US government is well aware of the fact that it is a hard job to ban online games from their many US fans, which is why those in the government opposing the industry have chosen some alternatives in which to practice the ban.

Interestingly enough, the government decided upon forbidding US gamblers from using credit cards in order to take care of their funds. In that way, the dirty work is handed over to the banks who aren't too thrilled at the notion of being the bad cops in this case. However, you don't have to be an expert to know that there are so many other ways to take care of your funds when playing. This includes the more traditional form of checks and wire transfers to the more advanced forms of payment such as Ecocard which is a virtual debit card and Neteller, both offering a secure and advanced method of payment very popular through the net.

The industry is not based in the US, but mainly scattered safely around the Caribbean, Europe and Central America where privately owned companies don't seem to be too worried. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is looking at putting pressure on the US government to cancel the new law restraining banks and credit companies from transmitting online gambling funds. Their claim is that the new US legislation exempts US based online betting companies from these restraints, while specifically targeting foreign run operations. Lawyers presenting Antigua and Barbuda even claim that the new laws may bring much complaints from the European Union as well.

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