US Election Odds: Joe Biden With The Lead

Published September 29, 2020 by Sol FH

US Election Odds: Joe Biden With The Lead

The US goes to the polls on November 3 and the competition is heating up as the debates set to start.

With a little over a month left before the US Presidential election, the war is raging between POTUS and Democratic nominee and former Vice President, Joe Biden. The Democrat has the advantage in the odds as President Donald Trump continues to cool after his tax records have caused a major stir in the media. 

The fact that Biden is currently leading Trump is not a guarantee that there will be a new President, as Hillary Clinton also had a huge lead over POTUS throughout virtually the entire 2016 campaign, but, due to the way the US election works, Trump won due to the electoral college numbers, which is why both candidates are focused heavily on swing states. 

Each state is assigned a number of electoral college votes, which are tallied for the victor of the state, regardless of the margin of victory. 

Swing states are the reason that Trump won the 2016 election, as Clinton had more overall Americans vote in her favor. The biggest swing states are Florida (29 electoral votes), Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Ohio (18 electoral votes), Michigan (16 electoral votes), North Carolina (15 electoral votes), Arizona (11 electoral votes), Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), and Iowa (6 electoral votes). 

6 of these states voted for Obama in 2012 but flipped to Trump in 2016. Currently, aside from Iowa, all of these states belong to Biden and the democrats. 

Trump did show some improvement over the last few months but since reports of his shady tax returns, which show him paying only US $750 in taxes in 2018, have hurt his reputation even further. 

Debate Fate

The first 2020 presidential debate between POTUS and Biden will undoubtedly captivate the nation. It gets underway tonight at 21:00 ET and will be the first chance we get to see Trump's antics and Biden's veteran know-how.

US Election Odds

The odds for the outright winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election, as listed by online bookmaker bet365 Sports are neck and neck. Biden holds the advantage at 1.80, while Trump rolls in at 2.05. Punters also have an option of voting for the Winner of the Popular Vote, wherein Biden leads heavily at 1.14, while Trump is at 5.00. 

The odds in this article at the bookmaker mentioned above were accurate at the time of its writing - Sept. 29 at 10:30 GMT.

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