US Gambling Industry Asks What Now?

Published July 20, 2006 by OCR Editor

US Gambling Industry Asks What Now?

After the surprising primary approval of the anti online casino bill by the House of Representatives, the industry is asking what the future is holding for them in the United States.

Until recently the gambling industry was full of positive and optimistic opinions about the potential outcome of the Goodlatte and Leach bills which seek to ban online gambling in the United States. It was even considered to be betraying the industry if any leaders of the operators hinted at the possibility that the ban would actually take effect.

This, however, changed this week when the bill reached further in the legislative ladder then was every predicted. The industry now has to face the questions and try and find answers about what they will actually do if the anti-online gambling bills actually do come into affect. Will the industry in the United States come to a halt? At present online gambling is not legal in the United States, but this market still manages to generate millions of dollars despite the illegality. These new bills however will manage to crush these millions of dollars making their ways from credit cards and banking accounts to the sites.

The bills have not yet been passed and it is still not definite that they will, however, the industry now has to finally deal with the possibility and try and find creative and realistic solutions or alternative plans in order to ensure their continued and strong client base which is located in the United States.

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