US Gaming Industry Must Adopt Mobile Technology, Paper Says

Published September 29, 2014 by Amir G

US Gaming Industry Must Adopt Mobile Technology, Paper Says

Ahead of next month's Mobile & Tablet Gaming Summit USA, experts claim the US gaming industry must focus on mobile technology to tackle the rocky first year of regulation.

The end of next month sees the convergence of the anticipated Mobile & Tablet Gaming Summit USA which takes place October 27-28 in Atlantic City.

As part of the preparations for the event, one of its main organizers Bullet Business is publishing papers with information and insights about online gaming and mobile technologies in the USA. One such paper recently published scopes out online casino initiatives which can arch beyond real money wagering, with a focus on mobile gaming. Here are some highlights.

US Online Gambling Hardships

Online gambling had a very rocky start in the US after regulation began in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada in November of last year. Online gaming revenues have been well-below initial projections and generally it has been a big disappointment. Industry experts tend to ascribe this bad first year especially to one main reason: Poor user experience which is tied with difficulties players had in funding their accounts.

Aside from legal and federal issues, commercial casinos have largely ignored mobile offers for their customers, remaining focused on website-based solutions. One of the reasons for this is a bias about core casino customers generally being of later ages and not having adapted to the world of smart phones and tablets; this has not been helped by the lackluster results of the first few online gambling months.

Mobile is the Key

Ridding itself of this bias, the industry could let players fund their accounts using mobile wallets, something which could open the door for a lot of others who are on the fence. Push notifications sent to mobiles based on geofencing could direct players in real time to certain areas in a casino. The advent of wearable tech could also come in handy: These could add novelty to wagering, creating a new world of experiences.

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