US Mega Millions Jackpots to $70m

Published July 2, 2013 by OCR Editor

US Mega Millions Jackpots to $70m

Purchase your tickets through online lottery agent Lotterymaster.

America's two biggest lotteries have bot rolled over, but this time the roles have been reversed - Mega Millions has a bigger $70 million jackpot on Tuesday night while Powerball hits $60m the following day.

Playing US Lotteries

To purchase tickets for the $70m Mega Millions draw, simply head to Lotterymaster and do the following: select six numbers from two different guess range options - five from 1-56 and a Mega Ball from 1-46. Just roll your mouse over the figures and click your lucky numbers to select them.

Powerball works on a similar basis, and once again you can do it all through the Lotterymaster site: choose your five principal numbers from the guess range of 1-59 and the secondary bonus number (Powerball) from a range of 1-35, which appears highlighted once you click on it.

Special Features

Subscribe to Powerball, Mega Million or dozens of other lotteries from around the world to enjoy plenty of discounts. Once you are subscribed to a specific lottery, you will automatically participate in every draw without ever being late to buy a ticket or having to remember when it is being held.

In addition, Lotterymaster offers you a convenient opportunity to complete your form automatically thanks to Lotto-Matic. Simply click "Proceed" on this option to activate the feature and have your lucky numbers selected randomly by their system.

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