US Online Gambling News Round Up

Published August 28, 2015 by Elana K

US Online Gambling News Round Up

Both New Jersey and Delaware saw ups and downs this July; the one thing both have in common? Online poker numbers are not good.

Delaware’s Good News and Bad News

The Delaware Internet Lottery saw both good news and bad news this July, when compared to the previous month as well as July 2014. Overall, the month was good – Delaware Internet Lottery games yielded a combined revenue of $142, 083, the best showing since March 2015. The state also saw the creation of 378 new accounts, the highest number of accounts created in one month since September 2014.

Online Casino Games and Poker
Online blackjack and roulette rose 15% in July 2015 as compared to May 2015, reaching a total revenue of $38,606. That number, however, is 60% lower than the revenue generated in July 2014.

Slots and Jacks or Better (video poker) both saw consistent increases, up 40% from May 2015 and up 41% from July 2014. Slots and Jacks or Better hit over $75 thousand this July, a record since online gambling was legalized in Delaware.

Unfortunately, online poker is another story. The industry posted its third straight loss this month, with an intake of only $28,158. Revenue is down 8% from June and 10% from July 2014.

New Jersey’s Ups and Downs
New Jersey and Delaware tell a similar story this month, with the main difference being the sheer difference in numbers (New Jersey's numbers are MUCH higher than Delaware's.) This July, the New Jersey online gaming industry raked in over $12.5 million, the third-highest intake since online gambling was legalized in November 2013. New Jersey’s virtual slot machines can take the credit for most of that – they generated a whopping $10, 646,306.

But like Delaware, New Jersey’s online poker has been suffering, bringing in only 15% of the state’s iGaming revenue, its lowest percentage to date.

The outlook for online poker in New Jersey is bleak. While online casino games are showing growth, online poker is either stagnant or on the decline. In April, May, June and July 2015, the year to year gain of online casinos games has been, respectively, 21.2%, 28.7%, 31.9% and 34.4% - a consistent increase. On the other hand, since May 2015, online poker has been posting year to year losses between 10 and 15%. 

What does this mean for the future of online poker in New Jersey? No one yet is sure.


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