US Powerball Hits $183 Million on Wednesday

Published March 11, 2013 by OCR Editor

US Powerball Hits $183 Million on Wednesday

Lotterymaster online sells you tickets to US Powerball and dozens of other draws

US Powerball will hit a whopping $183 million jackpot when the draw takes place this Wednesday night eastern time, and Lottery Master is there once again to act as your online lottery ticket agent.

How to play Powerball

US Powerball works as follows: select five numbers between 1-59, in addition to a secondary bonus number (the "Powerball") between 1-35. To claim the jackpot, a player must match all five main digits plus the Powerball Bonus Number. Without the bonus ball, there is still the attraction of big secondary prizes.

Thanks to Lotterymaster's "Lotto-Matic" Feature, those who purchase tickets online also have the option of having their lucky numbers randomized. This is the perfect option for those who which to participate in big jackpot draws but without the pressure of having to select digits on their own.

Buy Powerball tickets online 

Lottery Master sells tickets to all the world's top lotteries, and the site is free and easy to use. Just purchase your ticket using one of many accepted payment methods, and Lotterymaster's local agents will head out and buy the ticket on your behalf.

Once you've followed all the instruction, they will send you a scanned copy of your official ticket. This is yours to hold on to when the draw takes place Wednesday. Should your numbers come up, Lotterymaster will provide you with the original ticket and guide you through the process of picking up your share in the millions.

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