US Powerball Jackpots to $116 Million Wednesday

Published July 17, 2013 by OCR Editor

US Powerball Jackpots to $116 Million Wednesday

Purchase tickets for Powerball $116 million draw with Lotterymaster.

US Powerball has already created a number of multi-millionaires this year, and is set to create more as it jackpots to $116 million on Wednesday.

Buy US Powerball Tickets Online

As always, people from around the world can purchase tickets to US Powerball Wednesday draw with Lotterymaster: select five numbers from the guess range of 1-59 and a secondary bonus Powerball number from 1-35. Pay using one of the given banking options (credit card, e-wallet, etc.) and these online lottery agents will purchase your ticket on your behalf.

To win or share in Wednesday night's massive $116m. jackpot, match all five main digits plus the Powerball bonus number. If you hit two or more of the five regular numbers but fail to hit the Powerball bonus, you'll still win anywhere from a few bucks to several thousand. If nobody hits the jackpot, it rises once again for Saturday's draw.

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Thanks to Lotterymaster, you never need to miss a US Powerball draw again, even if you live outside of the United States. To be a part of every draw, just subscribe to Powerball, Mega Millions or your lottery of choice for automatic participation.

And remember, you can use Lotterymaster's Lotto-matic feature to have your numbers picked for you at random. If you want to be in the running for hundreds of millions but don't believe in lucky numbers, just choose Lotto-Matic and let it do the work.

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