US Regulation: New Letter to Congress Opposes RAWA

Published October 3, 2015 by Elana K

US Regulation: New Letter to Congress Opposes RAWA

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity, along with a number of other government lobbies, wrote a strong letter to Congress opposing RAWA in no uncertain terms.

This past week, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity sent a letter to Congress unequivocally stating their opposition to the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), an act that would impose a federal ban on online gambling, even for states that have already legalized it. The letter was signed by representatives from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, as well as a number of big lobbying groups, such as Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, The American Conservative Union, The Center for Individual Freedom and more.

The letter strongly urged the upholding of the Tenth Amendment, which says that the federal government cannot unfairly take powers that are reserved for individual states. According to the letter, RAWA “tramples of the Tenth Amendment...further chipping away at the balance between state and federal governance.”

Timing is Everything

The letter comes as an alternative to RAWA gains traction: A two-year moratorium on online gambling, which was proposed once RAWA did not receive approval in Congress. The moratorium would allow the states that have already legalized online gambling (Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware) to continue their gambling regulations but not expanding upon them. While the moratorium was posed as a peace offering, pro-online gambling supporters argue that it is just a ruse from the anti-online gambling camp - since they couldn’t get RAWA passed, they decided to go for second-best. Indeed, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity agrees, and writes that a moratorium is no better than RAWA.

Will the Letter Be Effective?
It’s difficult to say. Calling upon the 10th Amendment certainly seems like an effective tool, especially when talking to Republicans, since they tend to support states’ rights without interference from the federal government. On the other hand, Republicans also take moral issue with online gambling, so it’s not a clear-cut question all. For the time being, however, RAWA has not succeeded, but the moratorium is still up for debate.



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