US World Cup Team: Benefiting Sports Books

Published June 27, 2014 by OCR Editor

US World Cup Team: Benefiting Sports Books

The states may someday be allowed to collect on gambling revenues, but don't bet on sportsbetting to be part of the equation, no matter what.

Well, there is on place the US Men's National Soccer Team has unquestionable support and loyalty: Las Vegas.

Betting with Heart

In Vegas, people are betting with their hearts; increased hope for US World Cup victory has resulted in enough faith and loyalty bets to increase rooting interests as to spike Vegas sports betting levels.

Support Your Local Sports Team

South Point sports book director Bert Osborne compared the activity to rabid college football betting Saturday night on their local college football teams, characterizing the activity as “makes or breaks an entire Saturday.” Just in this case, the betting was on a national team, not a regional one.

Tie Helps Bookmakers

Suffice to say, the letdown of the US' allowance of Portugal to tie in the last second crushed the hearts of the ambitious American betting public, but the unlikely result of course helped the bookkeepers who were inundated with bets on an American victory.

Online Sports Betting Would Amplify “Heart-betting”

The letdown to Americans in Vegas was minimized, when compared to online sports betting. If online sports bets were allowed across America, one can only begin to imagine the amount of “home” bets which would have been placed, and the collective groan at the final result.

Lose a Bet and Win?

However, since most sports-betting referendums revolve around states collecting revenues from sports-betting, even the heartbreaking last second goal of Portugal would have stood to benefit the US population to an extent because in a state-sponsored sports betting system the states themselves would collect on a percentage or tax of sports-book revenues. In other words, the state would get a cut of that surprise victory to improve public works and projects.

The Overwhelming Moral Argument of Law

Systematically, the logic works. The problem still remains the means. America's laws have powerful moral undertones, and even state-sponsored sports-betting benefits are not justifiable to those in the American public who view betting, or gambling, as an illicit activity.

While online gambling may take hold in the United States, the possibility that sports-betting to be included in that list is near impossible. Far less possible than, say, a World Cup championship for the US Men's National Team in 2014.

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