Valve Reacts to Criticism and Cracks down on CS:GO Skins Gambling

Florin P. - July 17, 2016

Valve strikes a blow to the CS:GO skins gambling industry.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular first-person shooter and the uncontested leader in the eSports industry. Millions of dollars are won by those who win prestigious tournaments, but these prizes represent just the tip of the iceberg. Over the last couple of years a lot of money was made by the gambling industry using CS skins as a bargaining chip. The industry is estimated at $7.4 billion, but it can all come down in flames as Valve is on the verge of shutting it down.

Valve Gives in to Criticism

The company that produced Counter Strike: Global Offensive and distributes many other games on Steam was accused of benefiting from this industry. Detractors claim that Valve made a lot of money by facilitating the purchase of skins over the Internet. This is how it was possible for the industry to take bets worth billions of dollars in 2016, but it’s the same company that could reduce it to rubble.

After facing waves of criticism, they decided to come out with a statement that leaves no shred of a doubt regarding their position. Valve has announced that they will start sending notices to all those websites that facilitate these transactions and ask them to stop immediately. Without the support of the company that has produced CS and Steam, it’s hard to believe that the industry can survive. This also marks an important moment for the company that previously encouraged players to collect virtual items.

Skin Gambling Prohibited by Twitch

Twitch has achieved something spectacular by convincing millions of players to share their content and watch professionals play. Now the popular service warns users against promoting any skin gambling for CS, following the announcements made by Valve. Even though it didn’t seem possible a couple of weeks ago, the end seems to be nigh for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scheme gambling industry.


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