Vegas Casinos vs. Atlantic City Casinos

Published February 20, 2006 by OCR Editor

Vegas Casinos vs. Atlantic City Casinos

How do Atlantic City's casinos stack up against Vegas casinos? Vegas has a richer selection of land based casinos available compared to Atlantic City.

Everything is newer and more upscale in Las Vegas, when it comes to the casino itself and the equipment (i.e. casino tables, slots machines, etc). Another advantage that Vegas has over Atlantic City is the Weather. As you probably know, Atlantic City is located in the state of New Jersey. During the winter it tends to be very cold at this area of the country, meaning heavy snow and rain showers.

On the other hand, you can practically say that Las Vegas maintains its sunny disposition all year round. The weather in Nevada is warm; sometimes in the summer it's even scorching hot - don't forget this is the desert after all. You can escape the heat inside the confines of to casino. After listing all the advantages of Vegas casinos, let's examine some of the things that AC has to offer. The main advantage that Atlantic City has over Vegas is in terms of convenience.

For someone living in the Tri-State area or anywhere on the eastern seaboard for that matter, it's much more convenient to travel to AC than it is to Vegas, since it's closer. Imagine that you are in a midst of a week-long trip to NYC and happen to be in the mood for some casino gambling, why travel all the way to Las Vegas when Atlantic City casinos are just a couple hours drive?

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