Vertical Adaptation Suggested by Consumer Data Leader and Gaming Service Provider

Published May 2, 2020 by Lee R

Vertical Adaptation Suggested by Consumer Data Leader and Gaming Service Provider

The shifting of verticals is a way for affiliates and operators to adapt during this new period in the industry.

We know Coronavirus is blowing business operations away--but it is not blowing demand away, leaving huge vacuum to fill.

Learn thy Player

But many stakeholders don't see the shutdowns as a disruption, but a new online opportunity to learn about player habits.

Expert Opinion

Like many other experts, Solitics VP of Sales Harel Falk remains steadfast in his belief that player demand has continued unabated during the coronavirus pandemic, calling for affiliates and online gaming operators to adapt vertically.

Meeting Unique Needs

This makes sense because players are clearly going to seek ways to keep playing, and it might be an effective way to pass the time in this sedentary period as well.

Volume is Up

It comes as no surprise then that according to Falk volumes remain up online, with Falk telling Gambling Insider that many online trading companies are generating more turnover in the last three months than all of 2019, with operators in the COVID-19 phase pushing operator focus towards casino, e-sports and other verticals.

“Our dedicated teams have been working around the clock to support this transition, by making sure the data is transferred and the automation is implemented.”

Data Expertise

Falks has emerged as a gaming traffic expert while running Solitics, a real-time data management and automation company enabling B2C brands to personalise players experience by relying on player data to increase conversion and retention. Gaming companies constitute between 60-70% of Solitics’ revenue.

Find New Revenue Sources

Falks suggests adaptation through accepting that the cheese has moved, and figuring out where it has moved to, calling for affiliates to adapt during the pandemic as quickly as possible, by strategically pivoting to new verticals to diversify revenue opportunities while players show new habits to make up for the gap in betting events:

“I’m sure there are loads of players searching for new outlets.”


Falk says gaming affiliates have the opportunity to take advantage of player migration by “increasing the range of what they’re doing and the verticals they’re working in...the demand is there, it’s just a question of tapping into it.”


With players as eager to play as ever, a better understanding of those preferences can lead affiliates and operators alike to generate if not new verticals then at least content to address some of the new engagement needs in this particular time in history.

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