Video Slots Casino to Headline Sponsorship of “Employee-centric” iGaming Idol Award

Lee R. - August 18, 2016

A pioneer as well as industry ethics leader, Video Slots Casino truly seems an appropriate sponsor.

Popular online casino Video Slots has been confirmed as the Headline Sponsor of a prestigious new iGaming industry award. 

The iGaming Idol Quest

The iGaming Idol awards campaign was recently launched in Malta at the Hilton Hotel St. Julian’s. Self-styled as the first fully “employee-centric” recognition of outstanding employees working within the iGaming industry, the award is set to debut November 8, 2016 at a Gala dinner at the Malta iGaming Seminar.

Video Slots Glee CEO Alexander Stevendahl lauded the award as "one that will recognize the true talents behind the iGaming industry´s success," saying his company "didn´t need to think twice" when presented with the opportunity to be Headline Sponsor. 

About Video Slots

Founded in 2011, Malta-based Video Slots Casino has established itself as a leading casino online brand building its reputation on technical excellence, exceptional customer service and leading game play innovation offering over 350 different games to date.    

An MGA Welcome

As award endorser, Malta Gaming Authority Executive Chairman Joseph Cuschieri called iGaming Idol ”a great addition to the calendar of gaming events here in Malta,” saying his jurisdiction was happy to host an award which not only “recognises outstanding individuals from within the gaming industry but also supports charity.”

Pillars of iGaming Idol

The integrity-based award has three ethical pillars: Recognition of the employee; Charity for those in need; and Entertainment, with an Oscar-Like atmosphere planned for the award event proceedings. 

The Award Procedure

Winners will be chosen from an exhaustive review of a full ten categories, ranging from Marketing to Tech to Finance, Compliance and Regulated markets; HR; Design; Data and Business Intelligence; Fraud and Risk; Live Casino and Customer care. Audited through prestigious consultancy firm BDO Malta, three finalists from each category will comprise the final short list invited to the Gala Dinner. 

Industry Impact

The emergence of a new type of award embracing “employee-centric” recognition could usher in a welcome new era of organizational integrity in the iGaming industry, and render iGaming a global leader in corporate culture.

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