Videoslots Casino Introduces Innovative 'My RTP' Feature Across the Board

Published April 5, 2018 by Zvon P

Videoslots Casino Introduces Innovative 'My RTP' Feature Across the Board

With the new 'My RTP' feature, Videoslots players will be able to track their personal results for individual slots and compare them with other players.

The RTP (Return to Player) is one of the most important features of any slot out there as this is the number that describes the amount the game is expected to return over the long period. Usually, developers publish RTP figures for their slots but players have to rely on the word of the said developers and independent auditors, which doesn't sit right with some.

For this and some other reasons, Videoslots Casino has decided to introduce a brand new feature called 'My RTP,' which will give players a chance to track their personal returns on all the slots they play.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The new feature represents an analytics tool that gathers information about individual games played by the player. 'My RTP' records various data, including the biggest hits, the average number of spins per session, and, of course, personal returns for every slot the player decides to play.

The company hopes that the 'My RTP' feature will bring about not just greater transparency but also improve the overall gaming experience for their patrons, as it gives players a better insight into their gaming habits, helps them pick the games to play, and also allows for social interaction and comparing results with the others.

Filling a Market Gap

According to Videoslots CEO Alexander Stevendahl, the feature has been developed to help fill the existing gap in the market, finally creating an integrated tool that will provide players with the key statistic information about their play, average returns, the biggest wins, etc.

There is no denying that this is both a useful resource and an entertaining tool to have, especially for those who spend a lot of time playing slots, as it should make it easy to track your own results and also compare them with others to see if you're just running bad or the game just isn't worth the time.

With Videoslots leading the way, we can only hope that more online casinos will follow in their footsteps and provide players with similar tracking tools in the near future.

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