VR Casinos will Revolutionize iGaming

Published January 14, 2022 by Sol FH

VR Casinos will Revolutionize iGaming

Think about an online casino that is 100% immersive and can be set with any theme you could possible dream of.

iGaming operators are usually among the first to adopt new technologies. For example, online casinos and gambling sites were among the first to use modern payment methods giving a seamless experience to players across the globe. Moreover, with the advances in HD streaming technologies, online casinos were among the earliest adopters and created live casinos with live dealers. 

So, what's next? Well, one of the most interesting new developments in the works, which is already being offered by a few brands is using Virtual Reality (VR) for online gaming. VR is definitely now a brand new technology, in fact, the first virtual reality headset was created in 1968 by American computer scientist Ivan Sutherland, but, things have definitely improved since then.

VR has become mainstream with major enterprises like Meta (Facebook) offering the Oculus VR headsets, Sony has a VR headset for its Playstation system, and companies like HTC that are pushing VR graphics and resolution to new heights. 

So what does this mean for VR gambling? Well, until the headsets become more manageable (they are still quite big and each still has cons like a short battery built-in power cable, etc.), mass adoption will not occur. But, companies like Ray-Ban, who has partnered with Meta, are working on a headset that will look and feel just like a pair of their trademark sunglasses. We are still a few years off of this but you can expect to see some incredible prototypes coming very soon. 

VR Casinos

So what will VR Casinos be like? Think about any theme that you could possibly dream of and that's pretty much the possibilities of VR Gaming. More classic VR casinos will give players a genuine experience much like visiting a real casino floor with sections for VR slots, VR table games, VR jackpots, and more. The more abstract VR casinos may have their slots situated on the moon or underwater, and the live dealers could be represented as octopi able to deal with 8 hands simultaneously. The possibilities are endless and as the technology improves, so will the player experience. 

There are already a few early VR Casinos that are operating but it must be said that some do not operate with a license so it is up to you to do your own research and choose wisely. We will, of course, be reviewing all VR Casinos as they are released and those that are licensed and regulated. 

For now, the industry is a bit of the Wild West and it requires attention to detail. Do not just throw a headset on and search for a casino...rather, start with some of the free social VR casinos that are available so you can get the feel for what's in store.

Play wisely!



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