We Review the Best Browser for Online and Mobile Gambling

Shane. - July 26, 2023
We Review the Best Browser for Online and Mobile Gambling

With most online gambling taking place in-browser, we look at the features and benefits of the Opera GX gaming browser to determine if it's the best option for playing instant games and taking action online.

To ensure a stable and more secure online gambling experience, casino operators used to require their players to install heavy, if not downright clunky, software applications on their home computers and laptops.

With the advent of mobile gambling, this trend continued in a more optimised manner, as playing on an Android or Apple device required you to download casino software explicitly designed for the operating system.

The industry is now at a place where there is no longer the need for intrusive software installs, thanks to the advancements in in-browser gaming across all devices, including your home pc.

Why In-Browser Gambling is Superior

The move to in-browser gaming spearheaded a renaissance in online gambling as users could simply visit their favourite online casino and load up a variety of instant slots, and then jump over to their preferred sports book to place a wager on the latest sporting event simply by opening a new tab.

The operator ensured the safety and security of your personal information using high-level SSL encryption and other data security measures. Punters looking for that added level of protection signed up at blockchain gambling sites, offering enhanced safety and the anonymity of depositing, playing, and withdrawing using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

For gamblers who use devices like a company laptop or may want to take some action while not at their primary computer, this has allowed them the freedom to gamble when and where they want to, as there is no need to install any software. They sign into the site, open their user account, set their bets, and continue their day. The perfect intersection of simplicity and privacy.

Not All Browsers Are Made Equal

As with all things technology-related, one of the challenges the gambling community encountered with in-browser gaming is that not even the most popular browsers are well-coded.

People who open multiple tabs when using Google’s Chrome browser will soon find that the application slows down and becomes sluggish. This is because of memory leaks and the fact that for every tab you have active, the software opens several additional virtual versions which run in the background.

One of the browsers often lauded for its ease of use, simple design, and efficient coding was the Opera browser. However, as it launched as an independent application without ties to recognised entities like Google, it took a while to gain mainstream appreciation.

As understanding the importance of lightweight, user-centric browsers grew, so did Opera's appeal, crossing the 350 million user mark in 2022. By June 2023, it had surpassed its closest rival, Firefox, by achieving 3.22% of the global browser market share compared to its 2.80%.

Opera GX, the Gambling-Friendly Browser

The development team behind Opera noted the importance of providing online gamers with a feature-rich browser that would cater to their needs. These tools and features are also ideal for online gambling, thanks to the industry's shift to in-browser accessibility. This epiphany led to the creation of the Opera GX browser.

Here is a quick look at its features and benefits to help you decide if it's what you need to take your in-browser gambling to the next level.

Visual Appeal

  • Opera GX has an attractive dark mode that makes playing in low light easy on the eyes.
  • It also comes with a suite of personalisation tools allowing you to create the gambling environment of your dreams.

Live Streaming Integration

  • The browser offers built-in streaming feeds and notifications if you are part of the growing community of online gamblers who enjoy live slot and instant game streams on Twitch and Kick.
  • If you join your favourite gambling streamer's Discord server, you can also interact there through Opera GX, allowing you to stay on the site you are visiting while doing so.
  • Live streams can be separated into movable windows, which you can locate anywhere on the page you want them. They can also be resized to create your ideal in-browser viewing layout.

Enhanced Privacy Tools

  • It comes with a free integrated VPN to ensure that your privacy is secured when using Opera GX. Allowing you to navigate the internet without your ISP monitoring your business.
  • It also comes with a free ad blocker, allowing you to reduce the clutter and block tracking code from tagging your movements. Say goodbye to annoying retargeting ads based on your most innocuous search prompt.

Limit System Resource Usage

  • Opera GX allows you to determine what percentage of your computer's processing power it uses while gaming in Opera GX.
  • These limits will reduce lag and ensure a smooth in-browser gambling experience regardless of how long you intend to play online or what other browsing you may do at the same time.
  • It also offers a simple interface showing you which tabs are using the most resources and provides a one-click option to shut down unwanted pages without opening them. Incredibly useful for dealing with unresponsive browser tabs.

If you are looking for a new online gambling browser that is well-coded, provides access to several valuable features, and will limit the strain extended use will place on your GPU and other processors, perhaps Opera GX is the application for you.

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