Web Social Gamers Versus Mobile Social Gamers: What's the Difference?

Published November 22, 2015 by Elana K

Web Social Gamers Versus Mobile Social Gamers: What's the Difference?

New research by Optimove studied data from tens of millions of players across all platforms to determine what differences, if any, there are between mobile social gamers and web social gamers.

It seems that as every day goes by, mobile gaming and mobile social gaming are becoming more and more popular. That has certainly been the case for the past five years, during which mobile casinos such as bet365, Tivoli and Rich Casino have taken off, as has mobile social gaming on various social media platforms.

Researchers at Optimove decided to examine the difference between gamers who play social casino games online and those who play on mobile. Optimove studied data from tens of millions of players across dozens of social casino games, and their research yielded some very interesting results.

Platform Loyalty

A whopping 96% of social gamers prefer one platform over another (as opposed to favoring both equally). Of the 96%, 65% prefer mobile over web.

Mobile Gamers Move Faster and Want More

Gamers who play on mobile exhibit faster progression across all metrics, including becoming paying customers, continuing to make payments, playing more often and initiating more sessions each time they play. They are simply zooming when compared to players on the web.

For instance, mobile players make deposits every 10 days, as opposed to web gamers who make deposits every 14 days. Mobile players also exhibit 1.6X more game-play days than web gamers.

But Mobile Doesn’t Always Beat Web 

While mobile players were shown to be faster and play more when compared to web players, they don’t trump web players in all areas. Payment amounts for web and mobile are the same, as are retention rates.

So when companies are deciding whether to create only a mobile casino, as opposed to both an online and mobile casino, they need to consider this information, and whether it’s worth foregoing a web casino or not.

The Remaining 4%

While 96% of the players examined exhibited loyalty to one platform alone, there is still the remaining 4% that enjoy playing on both web and mobile. While it’s a small percentage, it’s an important one. Multi-platform players showed a 3.9X higher conversion rate than all single-platform players! Multi-platform players are also 20% more likely to make a second payment, as compared to single-platform players.

One reason for this might be that, as opposed to single-platform players, multi-platform players don’t only play whenever they have a medium available - they make time to play whenever they can, whether they are at their computers or on their mobile phones.

Whatever the reason is, gaming companies should not ignore the value of multi-platform players. To get single-platform players to play on other platforms, companies can offer incentives or marketing campaigns geared towards that target audience.


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