Who Hit Giant Bad Beat Jackpot?

Published July 31, 2011 by OCR Editor

Who Hit Giant Bad Beat Jackpot?

OmgoMgomGo Hits the Bad Beat Jackpot for $640,696.

A world record has been achieved in the realm of international poker with the International Poker Network (IPN) Bad Beat Jackpot. A stunning tally of $1,831,426 was hit by players on the recently. The Bad Beat Jackpot winner is from Finland. He played on the GTECH G2 IPN network and won a whopping $640,696 (€442,954).

New Bad Beat Jackpot Set

The massive victory surpassed the prior online poker jackpot record by some $1.2 million. When the new IPN jackpot started, it was already sitting at over $360,000. The lucky poker ace - OmgoMgomGo - was the loser of the hand, with 4 kings. Luckily for him though, he hit the Bad Beat Jackpot and some $640,696 (€442,954). The winner of the hand with 4 Aces was rewarded with $320,391 with his 4 Aces.

The remaining seven players scooped up $45,766 each (€31,639). For OmgoMgomGo though, he had the King, King combination with all his money in the pre-flop. The river card was a second Ace and his opponent made it 4 Aces, leaving him with the losing hand on the Bad Beat. The game was enjoyed at Poker Heaven and OmgoMgomGo is now looking to invest in a car, home and lots of partying.

Big Investment Pays Off

The Vice President of GTECH G2, William Scott, is proud of the massive investment in the International Poker Network. The IPN which is operated by GTECH G2 is the largest private poker network in Europe. With several million players and leading poker rooms: Virgin Poker, Poker Heave SportingBet, Paradise Poker and Mermaid Poker under its guardianship, it's the bee's knees.

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