Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

Published October 10, 2016 by Sol FH

Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

Clinton or Trump: Which candidate won the debate and who is poised to become the next President?

The second Presidential debate was supposed to be an over the top war between the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties, and it didn't take long to live up to standards. Sexual impropriety, policy, lies and false-facts were the name of the game in this second debate and both candidates had some highs and lows, but if Trump needed a big win to make up for the last few days of fails, he did not achieve it.

Missed Opportunity

Team Clinton had a chance to close out Team Trump, but she fell short. Instead of capitalizing on Trump's fall following the release of voice recordings that have damaged his already tainted reputation, Clinton hit him a few times, but missed out on the kill shot. In fact, both candidates landed some blows and both were found staggering at times. 

The debate opened with a few mild exchanges until Anderson Cooper put on the pressure and got to the burning questions about Trump's voice recording, which is a bit too vulgar to quote in this summary, but things were said that no Father, Son and surely no Presidential candidate should ever think, let alone say. Trump fired back by stating that "nobody has more respect for women than I do," which left most of the journalists in the audience laughing. He tried to make people understand that this was simply "locker room talk," which could be the bigger issue here, but he did apologize again. 

Trump then went on to accuse former President Bill Clinton for raping women on numerous occasions and that if he is elected President that he will throw Hillary Clinton in jail. This was the worst and dirtiest exchange in 56 years of presidential debates and it will surely tarnish the reputation of both parties for years to come. 

After the Storm

Clinton would have been happy if the debate would have ended right there, because in the later exchanges, she was on her heels. Her private emails came up, once again, and Trump shouted at her that if she was to delete emails like these in the private sector she would be put in jail, let alone get subpoenaed from the US Congress. 

Trump continued to press the issue of not being able to trust Clinton, but he himself cannot seem to be trusted. He was caught by the fact-checker almost every time he opened his mouth and when he was not trying to belittle Clinton, he avoided major questions and left the home audience baffled. It seems like Trump just doesn't know how to tell the truth and surely the general public is realizing that too. 

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