Who Won the Third and Final Presidential Debate?

Published October 20, 2016 by Sol FH

Who Won the Third and Final Presidential Debate?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went "All In" in Las Vegas last night in the final Presidential Debate. Find out who won.

The third and final Presidential Debate played out last night in Las Vegas and for the Democratic and Republican candidates, it was their last time to try and sway voters until the election on November 8.

The debate was the one that Donald Trump really needed to improve his reputation and expand his supporter base turned into a fiasco in which the old, name-calling Trump emerged. He called Clinton a "Nasty Woman" and reverted to the tactics of a child on a school-ground. Clinton was also pulled into the personal attacks when she said that Trump was a "Puppet of Russia", but she was steadfast and all of the major media outlets agree that she won the night.

Who Won? Ask the Papers

The LA Times, BBC and NY Times each posted their opinions about who won the election, as did all media outlets directly after the debate. There was one thing that stood out from this debate though, and that was that each of them ruled this a win for the Democratic Party and damaged the Republican leader's campaign even more. 

The Times in LA gathered three of the top political analysts: Cathleen Decker, David Lauter and Doyle McManus to score the debate. They broke the 90 minutes up into six rounds. They agreed that Clinton won rounds 2, 4, 5 and 6, but posted no winner for rounds 1 and 3. To these judges, Clinton was the obvious winner. She was composed, smart and stuck to her guns on the issues that she supports, while Trump was yet again looking to please the far right conservative voters, which will not win him the election unfortunately. 

The BBC gave the debate to Clinton as well, citing that this was Trump's debate to lose, which he did in true Trump form. Anthony Zercher for the BBC in the United States hit the nail on the head when he wrote, "the headline that Americans will wake up to read in the morning - will certainly be Mr Trump's refusal to back way from his "rigged" election claims. That was what Mr Trump wanted to say, but it isn't something the American people - or American democracy - needed to hear."

The NY Times also followed suit and gave the debate to Mrs. Clinton. Trump was meandering with his answers on foreign policy and never really gave any solid answers that passed the fact-check. In fact, most of what Trump said was inaccurate, lies and in some cases offensive to much of the American Public.  

Las Vegas odds for the outright winner of the election have jumped again in favor of Mrs. Clinton with bet365 posting odds at 1.16 for her and 5.50 for the Donald.

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