Why RNG's Are a Key Component of Online Casino Legitimacy

Published June 3, 2021 by Lee R

Why RNG's Are a Key Component of Online Casino Legitimacy

The value of the RNG should be understood and identified by all online players up front.

Online offerings require adaptation to remain arbitrary games of chance.

The RNG Key

The need to avoid manipulation of random numbers offered in games of chance online is the key feature for online casinos to offer the advantages of online play such as quick secure transactions and greater amounts of fun betting games—but preservation of the legitimacy of the land-based casino experience requires some adaptation, with Random Number Generators RNGs considered one of the key components.

Integrity of Machine Inspections

In land-based casinos, all machines are regularly inspected and repaired, with all decks checked and replaced when necessary; and all roulette wheels inspected regularly and thoroughly to ensure a safe and fair game.

Adapting Integrity of Numbers

Of course, the same checks do not apply to online casinos, but similar measures need to be taken to ensure the integrity of the random information yielded by machines used in games of chance.

Minimal Physical Generators Online

Via webcam, a limited number of online casinos use real decks and roulette wheels, but most online casinos tend towards higher volume lower cost RNG's which can support more games at once to provide fair play.

RNG Function

What the RNG does or is used for is to prepare random sequences of random numbers, which correspond to individual online casino games. RNG's are also used in lottery and other verticals or even industries where random numbers need to be generated by machines, but by far the most widespread use of RNG's is by online casinos.

Online Integration

Online casinos integrate RNGs with their competitive enhancements such as background music and leading unique themed graphics, primarily designed to provide a more immersive and thus life-like betting experience for players, which translates most effectively to land-based play.

RNG Certification

All RNG's used by online casinos are vetted and approved by third party companies, and it behooves all players to confirm this at an iGaming site before putting any money into a casino account or even registering—to ensure all numbers the casino generates in games of chance will be arbitrary and fair.

Outlook: Player Protection

RNG Certifications are now award until hundreds of trial runs are performed, and certification should be available and displayed visibly at websites for a fully safe iGaming experience for players.

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