WikiLeaks Edges Out Gambling for Google Hits

Published December 25, 2010 by OCR Editor

WikiLeaks Edges Out Gambling for Google Hits

WikiLeaks is a popular search term, now even more so than gambling.

Unless you've been living under a rock this past month you'd be well aware that WikiLeaks has been the hottest topic in the world, after the rogue website released some 250,000 secret American diplomatic cables to the curious public.

Search: Online Gambling

In fact, has been so big at the end of 2010, that the latest big name in the online industry has now overtaken the widely popular online gambling industry on Google search results.

What exactly do we mean by that? Well, a search for the term "WikiLeaks" on Google produces approximately 154 million results, as opposed to a search for "gambling," which still brings up a whopping 44 million results in its own right.

Poker, Casino, and Assange

Google searches can reveal a lot about what people are writing about and what they are searching for. As an example, "poker" produces about 121 million results, "casinos" produces some 27 million, and blackjack only around 17 million.

More specific terms narrow the search even further, such as "online casinos" (almost 8 million, "online gambling" (4 million), and "online betting" (1.7 million).

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange produces 68 million results, almost as much as US President Barack Obama (70 million results) and far more than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (21 million results).

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