Wilder vs. Fury: The Gypsey King Wins WBC Title

Sol FH. - February 24, 2020

He said he would knock Wilder out and he did it. Fans go crazy for the new WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury.

It was a big shot in the third round that started it all. Deontay Wilder was 42-0-1 heading into this, the rematch between himself and Tyson Fury, but it seemed obvious since the opening bell that the Gypsy King would reign supreme. After the fury of shots in the third round, Wilder was knocked down and could not get things going. 

Round 1

The bell sounds and Fury rushes to the center of the ring. Wilder, the Bronz Bomber, known for his picture-perfect right-hand knockouts stood his ground and even delivered Fury a few shots that would've made most men hit the canvas. But, Fury was all over Wilder in the second half of the round and people started to believe that he could win. 

Round 2

This is the only round that could have been given to Wilder. Funny enough, before the fight, Fury said that he would knock Wilder out in the second round, but that soon came to pass. 

Round 3

Fury landed a right hand just behind Wilder's ear, which proved to be devastating and threw the ex-champion off his gameplan. They would later say that it was a hard enough punch to damage Wilder's equilibrium. After a few one-sided exchanges, Fury manages to drop Wilder but he was able to get up fast enough.

Round 4

It was obvious from this round that Wilder would need to hold on to stay in the fight. His legs were unsteady and there was a glazed look in his eyes and blood pouring out of his ear, the one that Fury punched in the third round. Referee Kenny Bayless spent most of the fourth round separating the two fighters as they both seemed sloppy in the fourth. 

Round 5

The round started with a big right hand by Fury which put Wilder on the ropes. Fury was bullying Wilder and then scored his second knockdown after he landed two lefts up top and left to the body. Fury had Wilder in front headlocks throughout the fight and referee Bayless was tired of seeing it and deducted a point from the Gypsy King. 

Round 6

This round was all Fury and he could sense that the end was near. Wilder looked wobbly and hadn't any power in his punches. 

Round 7

Fury battered Wilder with his left-hand and in the middle of the round, he landed a 5-punch combo that spurred Wilder's corner to throw in the towel. When Bayless stopped the fight, Wilder was noticeably upset, only to learn that it was his corner that stopped the action.


WBC Title

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