Winds of Change from Bulgaria

Published February 17, 2008 by OCR Editor

Winds of Change from Bulgaria

Bulgarian legislators have formulated a new approach to online gambling, deciding to allow its citizens to play online, in a regulated industry.

A wind of change from the east. Though the west is historically identified with liberal politics and individual rights, it is the government of Bulgaria that decided to allow online gambling in the country. And indeed, European governments and lawmakers are feeling the breeze.

The news came after a two day meeting, held in the resort town of Hisarya, where lawmakers from the three parties that comprise the Bulgarian coalition government to debate the issue.

After two days of debating, the coalition representatives decided to move on with legislative amendments regarding gambling. Sofia News reports that in addition to new regulations for online gambling, Bulgaria will also update the country's state lottery, its distribution network specifically.

From now on, more companies will be allowed to sell tickets for the state lottery.

The logic behind the decision, as stated by the government officials, is to increase the income that the state sees from gambling. This money will then be allocated to social campaigns.

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